Finesse welcomes your questions so you know exactly what you are getting when you book our band.  The questions and answers below may be helpful in making your decision:

Q) How many members are in your band?

A) We have (6) core members of the group, plus our DJ/Soundman.  We can add additional musicians (usually horns) when requested at least 90 days in advance of your event.   Any price quotes you receive from us are based on the core group.  All additional musicians added will be quoted at additional costs.

Q) Do your core members ever change?

A)  While sickness can occasionally affect musicians as well, we make every effort to keep the very same core members together on every gig.  In fact, we have had only one core member change in our group in the last 12 years.  Also during that time, we have added only one new member (our lovely and talented female vocalist) to the group.  We take great pride in this stability and treat our band like a championship sports team.  Only a group that practices and works together constantly can improve their show and set lists every week.

Q) Do you take song requests?

A) We do attempt to schedule as many requests as possible, but they must fit our style  and instrumentation to be considered.  The further in advance you get your requests to us, the sooner we can schedule them into our rehearsals.  If a song does not fit us at all, then we are happy to have our DJ play the original version of the song through our sound system. We are much more critical of ourselves than anyone else.  If we don’t feel we can do your song request justice, we will suggest that the original recording be played instead.

Q) Does your DJ play break music, and will he take requests?

A) Yes.  We consider our DJ to be an integral part of our evening.  He can provide appropriate background music as your guests are first entering your reception, and keep the party rocking as we take any breaks.  He will specialize in dance music that is not on the band’s set list, and will welcome your requests as well.  In fact, you can create your own Playlist on your Ipod or phone and he will be glad to plug and play it on breaks.  This will give you the best of both worlds!  An interactive, entertaining “live” band, along with the “exact” songs you choose to hear during the night!

Q) What would happen if you had to cancel my booking?

A) We have never cancelled or missed a show in our history; however, we have safeguards in place should an emergency situation come up.  We are managed and represented by the nation’s largest entertainment booking agency, EastCoast Entertainment.  They represent over 600 other bands and will offer you several replacement options to choose from in an emergency situation.  We hope this would never happen, but not many bands can offer this kind of protection and peace of mind to their clients.

Q) Where can I see you perform?

A) We are performing mostly at weddings and other private events each week.  During the warmer months, we also do a few “public” concerts and festivals.  We would love to have you come and see us in a “live” situation, but it can sometimes be difficult to arrange this with our private clients.  Our agent will try his best to arrange this for you if possible.  Otherwise, please watch our main video on our site and contact our numerous references.

Q)  How can I get a price quote and/or book Finesse for my event?

A) Simply fill out our Contact Form and someone will be in touch by email or phone within 24 hours.

PLEASE remember, we take great pride in our work!  As critical as you can possibly be, there is no one more critical of our performances than ourselves.  We have been performing together for many years, but are happy to hear any suggestions that may improve our show for you!

Now  let’s have a Party!!!

– Finesse Band


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